We are looking for:
  • Men and women aged 18+
  • Who work in a lab
  • Who are responsible for the purchasing or decision making with regards to the equipment they use

We are looking for people who work in labs and are responsible for purchasing or selection of items or services for your department / laboratory / organisation.

The research would involve being part of something really exciting – We are looking for participants to spend 2 full days at the venue and to be involved in a Hackathon.  A Hackathon is an event where teams take a business challenge or problem area and intensely focus on it, coming up with ideas and solutions to solve it.

A key part of this hackathon is testing ideas with customers – to make sure the ideas are things customers would like!

We need people within certain job roles to attend the Hackathon and to be present for 2 days – as and when the client team come up with an idea they will present this to the you to get instant feedback.  Most of the participation will be done as user tests.

Refreshments and food will provided across both dates and when not being involved in the user tests you can carry on with work on your own laptops etc in-between, or join in the Hackathon if you’d like!