We are looking for:
  • Men and women aged 18+
  • Who live in Kirklees

People of Kirklees! We want to hear from you!

We are looking for people to take part in a two-week platform from Monday 24th February to Monday 9th March.

The platform will involve getting to know you and your life – for example, you might be asked to keep a daily diary telling us about what you are up to, how you spend your time and what influences this and what your interests are. These will be exercises involving uploading some photos, videos/audio, creating collages etc.

You may also be asked to do an activity or visit somewhere that you wouldn’t normally visit/not part of your daily routine – This will be fun!

You may also be invited to take part in a 2-hour in-home interview during W/ C 16th March for an additional incentive.