We are looking for:
  • Those in their company responsible for making decisions about office or work space
  • Who currently work in a flexible office or working space e.g. We Work, Landmark etc
  • Who have moved to the flexible office/work space in the last 12 months

Are you currently working in a Flexible Office Space? If so, we would like to talk to you about the process of choosing a flexible office space.

Flexible office space is a flexible alternative to traditional office solutions. This kind of workspace is also known as shared office space or flexispace. This type of office space is fitted with basic equipment, like phone lines, desks, and chairs but typically permits flexible working e.g. hot desking or mobile working. In flexible working spaces there’s typically both the option of Private Offices and Shared Workspaces (where a company will work alongside other organisations). Flexible office space gives business owners access to fully equipped office premises without requiring a long-term commitment in terms of lease duration or contract terms (in flexible workspace there are more flexible contacts whereby you can pay by month for example).