We are looking for:
  • Those aged 18-69
  • Who live in and around either London or Leeds
  • Who are happy to visit a local attraction/event/exhibition as part of the research

Do you live in or around either London or Leeds? If so we want to talk to you about your lifestyle and events/attractions you might visit.

Set Up of Online Community
The online community will run for 3 weeks and you will be required to take part on either a desktop/laptop computer.
– You will be expected to contribute 15mins every 1-2 days. The missions will involve sharing how you spend your time including keeping a diary as you go about your usual routine and talking about your life.
– There will be exercises involving uploading some photos, videos/audio; creating collages; sharing perspective on different things on social media, on TV and in the news; and capturing conversations with friends and family about your life experiences and views today.

You will also need to visit a local attraction / event / exhibition in your area and report back with pictures and text/audio/videos letting us know about how you got on.
Some people will be asked to complete this with a moderator as well, if chosen to complete with a moderator you will receive an additional £50.

After the Online Community…
Only those based in LEEDS
You may be asked to take part in a follow up 3 hour workshop on Tuesday 25th February at 4pm-7pm which you’ll receive an additional £80 for.