We are looking for:
  • Men and women aged 18+
  • And Children aged 3-5 years old
  • Who access to a tablet device

We are looking for parents and children aged 3-5 in Manchester to take part in a 3 stage project.

The first stage of this interview would be a 1-hour skype call. This would just be with yourself.

The next stage would be a Diary study – Lasting 7 days. We will ask the children to play with an app once a day for as long as they want and you will be asked to complete a paper diary. On day 1 of the diary study, you will be asked to complete an introduction task which will include sending photos via WhatsApp (a selfie of you and your child, your child’s favourite toy in their favourite place etc.) Each day we would like you to take a photo of your written diary entry and send it via WhatsApp.

The final stage would be a face to face interview in Media City lasting an hour. This would be for yourself and your child.