We are looking for:
  • People aged 18-45
  • Who consume alcoholic drinks
  • Who have access to a desktop/laptop
  • Who are happy to take part over three months with a variety of tasks

We are looking for people aged 18-45 to take part in a research session regarding the subject of alcohol. The session consists of two phases. You will need a laptop/desktop to take part.

Phase one is a two week online community beginning on Monday 26th October and will involve completing written, photo and video tasks.

Phase two consists of activities to tap into – these should be roughly 1 hour each, and can take place over 3 months. There may be the opportunity to take part in one to one/group Zoom interviews and you may also be asked to complete a task such as a shopping/buying a drink trip to try, as well as a final online community.

You may be asked to complete Phase One only, Phase Two only, both or individual tasks. You will be paid individually for each task.

NB. Please don’t apply for this research if you have participated in any research sessions for us in the last six months – this is in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and any responses from recent participants will be disregarded.