We are looking for:
  • Current Year 13 students
  • Can be those set on going to university or those still undecided
  • Or perhaps those looking to explore 'other options' such as degree apprenticeships, HND's, HNC's etc

We’re looking for current year 13 students (as of September 21/22) to take part in 3 x 45-minute interviews + 2 x online surveys to understand the thoughts of students entering post-college education e.g., Degrees, Degree Apprenticeships, HND’s, HNC’s etc…

The first of the interviews will take place w/c Monday 8th November with the follow up interviews taking place in February and August 2022 and then the online surveys commencing in Spring 2022.

Each student has to be committed to taking part in each phase of this research and as a thank you for your time this would equate to £160 over the full 5 phases.