We are looking for:
  • Nursery Nurses OR Early Years Workers in Children's Centres
  • Who are based in either Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • Who are happy to take part in an 8 week online community

Are you a Nursery Nurse OR Early Years Worker in a Children’s Centre in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland? If so we want you to take part in an 8 week online community.

The research will take the form of an 8 week online community where we would like you to look at a new online resource for frontline professionals and parents, offering inspiration on things to do with babies and young children. There are videos and other resources filled with fresh ideas for games parents can play and things parents can do that help with bonding with their baby in the early months, and help develop their little one’s talking and listening skills.

The website includes a Professional Zone which has a collection of video clips and resources to help early years professionals in their own professional development, as well as a selection of curated clips to use and recommend in their day-to-day work. The collections are curated by a leading Speech and Language therapist and include her tips and advice of how they can be used most effectively.

We would like you to use the resource in your interactions with parents several times each week. You will be asked to complete tasks and an end-of-week log / survey. The tasks should each take approximately 20 minutes and the survey / log will take approximately 10 minutes. To thank you for your time, you would receive £300 for taking part in the 8-week research programme and an additional £40 for an end of research telephone interview.