We are looking for:
  • People with children aged 3-5
  • Who can complete 3 stages of the research if required
  • Who are not away from home for any part of the research

We are looking to speak to people with children aged 3-5 in a UK Wide 3 stage research project to help understand the daily routines of families.

The Stages

  • Weekly routine diary task – This will include uploading photos across the whole 5 days of different activities the child does and add a caption underneath each photo to give context to the photo. This can include a range of activities such as baking, visiting family, reading, watching TV, playing games.
  • 360 remote filming – 6 families will take part in 360 remote filming, which will entail capturing film clips across a 5 day period of activities they do in the home
  • Depth Interview – 16 families will take part in a 2-3 hr in-home depth that will delve deeper into their weekly routines and the different activities they like to do in the home.

For this research, we are looking to speak to a representative sample of the population and are also interested in speaking to parents who have a child with a Special Educational Need or Disability.