We are looking for:
  • Group leader from a local community group e.g. Community playgroup, stay and play group, Dad's group etc
  • Who work with parents with children aged 0-12 months
  • Who have responsibility for deciding what content is delivered through the community group
  • Who have flexibility to be able to add new content to plans between 29th April - 27th May such as simple activity ideas, songs etc

Group leaders from a local community group who work with parents with children aged 0-12 months wanted to take part in a research where you will be asked to review content that is aimed at strengthening the bond and communication between parents and babies/young children.

For the research we would like you to deliver and promote content from our clients website and social media that is aimed at helping parents with babies and young children bond. There is a section of the website specifically designed for Community groups, which includes tips for setting up a stay & play group, downloadable resources for activities that encourage early years speech and language development, a nursery rhyme and song collection with videos and printable handouts and other resources that can be used by local groups to run their own events. We would like you to add the new content to plans for 29th April – 27th May such as simple activity ideas, songs etc.

You will receive detailed briefing notes and project information about the content. You can review the resources prior to the research to ensure they are relevant to your community group. You will be required to sign an NDA.

As part of the research we would like 3 mums or dads with children between 0-12 months who attend your group to take part in the research as well. They would be asked to attend the group you run at least once a week for the 4 weeks. They will be encouraged to access a website and view the programmes social media feed. They will then be asked to provide feedback on some of the online materials through short simple tasks we will send to them via email, this will include filming responses and taking photos. They will receive £100 as a thank you for taking part.
You will need have 3 parents who are happy to take part.