We are looking for:
  • People aged 16+
  • Who regularly listen to music on apps and/or on the radio

We are looking to speak to people who use music apps such as Spotify, Tidal or BBC Sounds to hear how you listen to music in your day-to-day life whether this be in playlists or on the radio. This research will involve taking part in a 5-day online community where you will need to give feedback on apps, music and current services as well as submitting ‘selfie-style’ videos in answer to a series of tasks/questions. You will need to contribute 30 minutes of your time each day in order to receive the incentive.

Some people will also be asked to take part in a 30-minute follow-up Zoom interview. If selected for this, you will receive an additional £30.

NB. Please don’t apply for this research if you have participated in any research sessions for us in the last six months – this is in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and any responses from recent participants will be disregarded.