We are looking for:
  • People visiting Albufeira or Sardinia
  • Who will be away between 2nd and 6th September
  • Who are comfortable using websites and apps to book travel

We are looking to speak to people who will be in Sardinia or Albufeira between the 2nd and 6th of September for a holiday. We are especially interested to hear about how you booked your holiday and why you chose your specific destination. This study will involve 3 stages:

Stage 1: 2-week diary exercise starting on Thursday 15th August. The diary will be accessed via your mobile phone.

Stage 2: You will then be met on holiday between 2nd and 6th September for a 90 minute interview at a place of your choice (ideally your hotel or accommodation)

Stage 3: Once home, you will have a 1-hour remote interview (on Skype or similar) to round up your trip and booking experience