We are looking for:
  • Men and women aged 18-65
  • Who drink coffee
  • Who are open to trying new products on the coffee market

Manchester Coffee Drinkers!

We are looking for those aged 18-65 who drink coffee to take part in focus groups where you will be asked to taste some new coffee products! We would like to know how often you drink coffee and how you like to drink your coffee.

We have various groups taking place:

Wednesday 18th October – 4pm-5.30pm – Those aged 20-45

Wednesday 18th October – 6pm-7.30pm – Those aged 20-45

Wednesday 18th October – 8pm-9.30pm – Those aged 20-45

Thursday 19th October – 4pm-5.30pm – Those aged 18-40

Thursday 19th October – 6pm-7.30pm – Those aged 41-65

Thursday 19th October – 8pm-9.30pm – Those aged 18-65