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A range of our popular questions that we get asked about projects, processes and getting paid. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us.

What’s the difference between Research Opinions and Healthcare Opinions?

Research Opinions recruits participants for general consumer market research. On Research Opinions you will see a wide range of projects on music, children’s toys, home utilities, snacks etc – our projects are very varied and there is something for everyone. Healthcare Opinions recruits participants for our specialist healthcare studies. You are invited to share your opinions and experiences in sessions about medications and devices used for minor ailments through to chronic illnesses. We also recruit healthcare professionals and carers. If you want to register just for healthcare studies then do this on the Healthcare Opinions page. If you want to register for both general consumer market research and healthcare studies, or just consumer, then head to the main page, Research Opinions.

How do I register my details with you?

Register through our website and once registered login and fill in the extra information about yourself – you can fill in as much or little as you want. You can login at any time to review your details and keep them up to date. Once registered you will be emailed details of market research sessions that we feel are relevant to you. We also post our upcoming sessions on our website and social media.

How safe is my personal data?

We collect, use and store personal data in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). We are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office –  Registration number ZA243325 You can find more details of how we use your personal data and your rights in our Privacy Notice

I’ve applied for a market research session by filling in the survey, what happens next?

If it looks like you fit the criteria we are looking for one of our team will contact you via phone or text to go through some extra questions and confirm your suitability for the research. Once you have been confirmed for the session you will be sent full details of the project and the venue. Please do not assume that you have been chosen until you hear directly from us.

I’ve applied for several market research sessions and I haven’t heard anything back, why is this?

We look for very specific people and it maybe that you’ll have to apply for a few projects before we contact you. We recommend that you reply to our emails as soon as possible because we operate on a first come, first served basis. Whatever the reason, please don’t get disheartened.

I’ve been asked to do pre-task before my market research session, what is this?

Pre-tasks are important as they get you to think about the topic before you attend the research session. They give the interviewer a more rounded picture of who is attending and what their opinions or concerns are. You may be asked to complete a task, perhaps a diary or a collage, before you come along to the session. If there is a pre-task you will usually be given an extra incentive.

What will be discussed and what if I don’t know much about the topic?

You will know the general topic of the discussion before you take part. But you don’t always need an in-depth knowledge of the topic. You may have been recruited specifically because you don’t know anything about the topic! For instance if the success of a healthcare campaign is being reviewed a group of people who have never heard or seen it may be recruited. Just be yourself and give your own thoughts and opinions.

My child has been recruited for a market research session, how does this work?

We class children as being 16 or under. We always speak to a parent or guardian to get their consent before we speak to a child.  Children are often recruited along with a friend of similar age so that they feel at ease. Interviewers are specially trained to make children feel at home and enjoy the session.

How will I get paid and when?

When you are recruited you will be told how you will be paid. Payment is usually by bank transfer or vouchers for well known online or high street merchants. You will be paid within 15 working days from when your research session took place.

When can I take part again?

We like to leave a gap of about six months between research sessions, although for specific projects where the pool of potential participants is small this may be waived.

I wasn’t happy with my experience of market research, what should I do?

If you have any concerns, or comments, about your experiences either with our recruitment process, or the session itself, please speak to us. You can contact us through the contact form on this website, through our social media or just give us a call. We want people to have a great experience of market research so we review all feedback to improve our procedures and practices. We work in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct. The Market Research Society,  020 7490 4911

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