In person sessions FAQs

These are where you will meet the interviewer in person either at a focus group or an individual interview.

What happens at a focus group?

This is the well known, traditional form of market research. A group of about six to eight individuals (usually people you don’t know) will be brought together to discuss a topic. The session will be led by an experienced interviewer who will put everyone at their ease and guide the discussion.

Apart from focus groups what other types of market research sessions are there?

There are various formats for in person market research sessions. All are led by experienced interviewers. Go to our Research Types page to find out more.

What is a market research viewing facility?

A viewing facility is a location specifically designed for hosting market research interviews and group discussions. They are equipped with audio and video recording and one-way mirrors which enable client observers to watch an interview or group discussion in progress, a process they find very useful. Sometimes instead of client observers being there in person the session will be web-streamed to another location. You will always be told before the start of the session who is observing.

Will the session be recorded and what happens to the recording?

Most market research sessions will be audio or video recorded. This is to help the interviewer with their analysis of the findings. Recordings are deleted once the market research is concluded.

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